Friday, February 9, 2018

unshared part of me
is catching up with me
like shadow that i cannot cast away
when i invite my friend
to share time with me
unshared part of me i try to shed
but it is oozing
and i am using pretense
and loosing myself and choosing
to be what friend may see in me
unshared part is indivisible
it makes me individual
while pooling me apart
unshared part of me
may grow more than me
the greater part of me
it's greater than the whole
and all i have in me is growing ballistic
and wants to blast and kill unshared part
unshared part solidifies in bullets invisible like art
my art
it's all i have
it's all i have become
unshared part is highly egotistic
i cannot stay apart from my unshared part   

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