Saturday, November 11, 2017

Words are small drops like raindrops on my head.
They wet my hair and run down my cheeks like tears,
except not mine.
They are not mine, but I absorb them and they make home in me;
a home not very lovely but livable.
I can not offer them a better accommodation.
I am a dumb believer in them words:
unwillingly, but I accept them fools!

Where is my Cluelessness?
It goes missing while Certainty escapes the bars
While Ignorance leaves no trace behind
While herds of proven truths trample ground
I dream a dream I will forget
A dream I won't remember
A dream I want to dream
A dream of self

Friday, November 10, 2017

I live in the mystery of the unsaid words
the words that I don't want to hear
out of fear that they were never said.
I live in the fear of the untold past
and in the horror of inarticulate mumble
of my entire life.

Monday, April 24, 2017

i am nobody bound to everybody under the oath of polygamous marriage taken in the full absence of conscious mind
under the oath I wear masks of appearances every day of my life until death separates me
False harvest yields the dust. Old Cronus turns away from us. The Hollow Horse continues sprouting ribs. There is no better time to stumble than when the darkness falls.
Chess pieces played in game of cards may feel misplaced but act like strong believers. Am I a part of it? I pick a random queen and smile into fer face, and throw my arms around her waist. We both break into laughter. Our wide open mouths issue sounds like those of children before they knew the separation.